RIP Mitch Miller

Kevin Vahey
Tue Aug 3 14:20:17 EDT 2010

Sadly we always learn more after someone dies

The Carson clip turns out was Johnny's first time on NBC - that clip aired in April of 62 (it can be pinned down by hockey promo in credits)

Carson was still at ABC at the time and really unknown to most - that would change
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"He despised rock..."

Very far from the truth.  What he despised was cheap production values, bubble-gum lyrics and the, shall we say, questionable practices in vogue at the time to get rock records on the air.  He was in charge of A&R at Columbia Records when they signed Bob Dylan (although a subordinate, John Hammond, had more to do with signing Dylan than Miller did), Aretha Franklin and Bruce Springsteen.  Being classically trained as an oboist, he cared much more about quality music and recordings, whatever the genre.

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