[Boston_Progressive_Talk] Carr Suspended for a week

Dave Tomm nostaticatall@charter.net
Fri Apr 30 13:34:39 EDT 2010

On Apr 29, 2010, at 12:18 PM, Larry Sochrin wrote:

> I can think of three reasons why he wouldn't build a home studio:
> 1. Many people don't like working at home and prefer to be out and  
> about, or at least in a corporate office, for social, business,  
> family, other reasons.

Um, he hates his current employers.  You really don't think he'd  
rather not have to deal with Julie or Jason on a daily basis?   
Besides, his airshift is only four hours a day.  He has plenty of time  
to conduct other business away from home if he chooses.

> 2. At least his current office isn't badly located in terms of going  
> either to Wellesley or to the Boston Herald. I'm not sure about  
> WTKK's location.

It's not that far in terms of mileage, but if he decides to syndicate  
his show himself once he's out from Entercom he may want to do it from  
his own location.  That way he's not beholden to any one station.   
Many top talk talents are starting to do this.

> 3. Wellesley isn't the type of town where people work from home.

Um, I lived in Wellesley for six years.  I worked from home full time  
the entire time.  I knew quite a few people in town that did the same  
thing, either part time or full time.  It's really not as rare as you  
think it is.

-Dave Tomm

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