Howie Carr suspended

Sat Apr 17 17:33:10 EDT 2010

So when will Arbitron reveal how well or how poorly Limbaugh is doing
on 1200? I find it hard to believe that, billboards notwithstanding,
his ratings on the new station will be as good as those he was getting
on WRKO's bigger signal. Those same Arbitrons should also reveal how
much, if anything, the loss of the Limbaugh lead-in has affected the
size of Carr's audience. Not that Carr was contemplating remaining
with Entercom after his contract expires in 2012, but I wonder how
much Carr was thinking about how the reduced ratings resulting from
the loss of the Limbaugh lead-in would affect the offer Entercom would
make him in 2012. Even though he has no intention of remaining with
Entercom after 2012, what Entercom offers is likely to affect how much
he can get from Greater Media or Clear Channel.

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> At 01:43 PM 4/17/2010, Martin Waters wrote:
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>>    In the Globe article, both the reporter and Donna Halper say
>> that Entercom "let" Limbaugh go to another station. But I thought
>> it had no choice -- that Clear Channel controlled the syndication?
> They do control it, but the sense I got was that if Entercom had
> been willing to pay the amount of money CCU wanted, Limbaugh's show
> would have stayed on WRKO.  Entercom felt it wasn't worth what they
> believed was an outrageous amount to renew the contract, or so I was
> told.

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