Howie Carr suspended???
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>It was said in the past that he and 
>Howie were the two highest rated but it has also been said that Rush wasn't strong here. Depending on whom you ask, Rush was either grabbed away from them by Premiere/CC or they >decided to give him up and go local. Whatever, Howie has lost the Rush lead in. Howie did finish #1 in one period a yr or two ago, I think, and tends to be strong. 
>I think that's the question. Even if Limbaugh's ratings are/were waning.....he's a much stronger "lead-in" than Charlie Manning. 
 >Look what happenned on TV to local affilliate newscasts when Leno was on at 10PM. 
 >The networks claimed they didn't have to have "top ratings" at 10PM to make money.....but it affected the affilliates 11PM billing...and that in the end was what did in Leno at 10PM. 
 On's New England TV board, it was stated that WBZ-DT/TV's ratings soared after they picked up "Wheel of
Fortune" and "Jeopardy" from channel 38/39.  This led to an improvement of prime-time numbers as well.
(Thus it mystifies me why they interfered with the M-F scheduling to air a show about the Patriots football team,
even on weekends when the game would be on channels 25/31 or 7/42. )

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