Does anybody know someone who . . .

Mike Ward
Wed Apr 21 22:42:00 EDT 2010

I had the same problem with the factory radio in my 1999 Saturn.

I ended up replacing the radio with one I bought at a local auto salvage

I can't give you any more than that, as I am in Ohio...but maybe it'll send
you in the right direction...

On Apr 21, 2010 9:03 PM, <> wrote:

I'm writing this to vent my spleen but also because I have a need that I
thought perhaps SOMEONE out there might be able to help with.

Long story short:  I own a 1996 Buick Roadmaster Presidential (wonderful
car) with a terrific AM-FM-CD-cassette stereo quadrophonic audio system.
Everything works fine except the AM component, which has developed a loose
"something".  It plays beautifully until the car hits a bump, at which point
it'll hear nothing but loud static or a terrible flutter.  When I hit a
second bump, the problem corrects itself.  This cycle repeats . . . and

I've been to several garages and to two car audio shops.  The people in the
garages haven't been able to fix it, nor has the person at audio shop (1),
who thought the problem was the antenna.  (It's isn't.) The owner of audio
shop (2), the former chief engineer of one of our local radio stations, told
me he doesn't want to waste his time trying to fix an AM car radio.

Does anyone in the BRI fellowship know of any place between Bangor and
Worcester where I might be able to get the thing fixed on the spot, even if
I have to wait all day?  This has been very frustrating.


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