[Boston_Progressive_Talk] Carr Suspended for a week

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Sun Apr 18 07:07:43 EDT 2010

I'm sure you're right.  What's more, Entercom is over a barrel: Howie 
is the most popular personality on their struggling station. 

I'm not surprised he's been suspended --- I'm astounded by what he says 
about his employer on the air --- but it amounts to little more than a 
slap on the wrist. 

Side question:  When Howie was preparing to leave 'RKO for WTKK, wsn't 
there some concern that he wouldn't be able to continue broadcasting on 
his regional "network"?   I'm not sure where "Entercom entity" ends and 
"intellectual property" begins here.  I would think that if he were to 
leave, he could establish contracts with his former "network" stations 
and set the whole thing up all over again.  Am I wrong?


Quoting "A. Joseph Ross" <joe@attorneyross.com>:
> On 17 Apr 2010 at 22:44, Amy wrote:
> > http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2010/04/17/wrko_suspends_carr_
> > for_barbs_against_station/
> >
> > Too bad they can't suspend him for a lifetime. 
> Maybe he's working on that.  After all, if they wouldn't let him out
> of his contract, maybe his strategy is to get himself fired.  Then
> he'd be a free agent. 
> Trouble is, I'd be willing to bet that there's some clause(s) or
> other in his contract that prevents him from getting away with that. 
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