Howie Carr suspended???
Sat Apr 17 13:47:31 EDT 2010

 Surprisingly nothing in Howie's own paper yet, the Herald. Dan Kennedy's blog suggests there may be more to this (is RKO taking some listeners away from WEEI? if so would they consider format change if talk doesn't cut it?)

There is debate as to whether or not Rush got high ratings at RKO. It was said in the past that he and
Howie were the two highest rated but it has also been said that Rush wasn't strong here. Depending on whom you ask, Rush was either grabbed away from them by Premiere/CC or they decided to give him up and go local. Whatever, Howie has lost the Rush lead in. Howie did finish #1 in one period a yr or two ago, I think, and tends to be strong.

Kennedy: "No doubt the company wants WRKO to make money, but not at the expense of its more-valuable sports station."

Would they ditch talk and go for something else? Oldies (the big 68!), Spanish, ESPN (though that may take some listeners away from WEEI, but ESPN wants to be on full time in town)


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