WHAI 98.3 & WMUA reception

Robert F. Sutherland madprof@ix.netcom.com
Wed Sep 30 15:24:54 EDT 2009

Recently I have been traveling the pike often
from 495 to NY (State, not city)
and of course DX'ing FM all the way.
The 1 that surprized me is WHAI 98.3 Greenfield, 
non-directional class A, with FCC 60dbu service map
that covers Northampton, not Holyoke or furthur south,
yet has been consitantly good (clear days & medium rain)
(no interference or static, strength 8/10)
in the stretch between the Ludlow exit 
and I-91 (not so good furthur west).
(The pike runs thru mid Chicopee, north of Chicopee River,
(Chicopee is thus south / southeast of Holyoke,
and north of Springfield)
then runs a bit furthur south at CT.River & 
thru West Springfield)

No special radio, just what my 1997 Saturn had.

Also WMUA 91.1 Amherst (UMASS) (hey, A.Joe.R)
has been consistantly solid on the pike thru all
of Ludlow-Springfield, even some in Westfielld!  


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