Boxford pirate's coax cable cut
Tue Sep 29 17:43:43 EDT 2009

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>>>know signals are scarce in Boston (perhaps someday the  FM band will be 
rolled back to 76 or so?) and I wish somehow some  groups
would work together, get a legit license, and all these  organizations can 
do shows on a LEGAL station.<<<
I wonder what would happen if pirates just populated 76 to 87 MHZ? Both  
receive and transmit equipment is readily available this is Japan's FM  band.
Pirates have loyal audiences because it is all a matter of content.   
Perhaps the audiences that they have can't support a full power station FM  
station. My guess is that any licensed station could make a decent profit  if 
they ran the same formats the unlicensed stations run now. 
Of course to do this some of the station owners that paid millions of  
dollars more than the station is worth will have to file bankruptcy to get the  
prices of the stations down to where a station could make a profit. You  
certainly can't sell them for what you paid for them and by firing your talent  
that isn't going to keep an audience.
Everyone is disturbed that young people don't listen to the radio anymore.  
Well how can you blame them they have their own "Top 100" in their shirt  
pockets.  This being said the unlicensed stations are bringing kid's back  to 
radio.  Just like RFB did many years ago before it was shut down. 
I think local FM radio will eventually be the future of radio in the  
larger markets. As for the FCC shutting any of them down, it just isn't in the  
political air right now.

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