Boxford pirate's coax cable cut

Bob Nelson
Wed Sep 23 03:15:03 EDT 2009

Someone mentioned on the radio-info board that the 
"owner" of 87.9 The Wave heard the FCC was on his trail and shut down to be sa

>>Right here in New England we have a LPFM operating on 89.1 (WYTC-LP), in
Hyde Park, VT.

Ah, thanks for the info on LPFM situation.

>>What was pointed out was the true irony
of the situation.
The guy calling the police because someone damaged his illegal radio
station. Just a ironic situation
was all that was said.


>>Hmm. Might want to ask 2nd adjacent WBMT about that. WBMT, is a LICENSED
radio station,
operating LEGALLY, using circular polarization. It is not very far from this
guy's illegal operation.

Indeed and I think I was picking up WBMT today...

>>I do NOT condone who ever damaged this guy's equipment at all. Being a Ham
and a broadcaster myself, I would never want that happening to me.

And I agree...would hope he could get a legal license (LPFM) or something

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