How does CCU's system of distributing music on hard drives work?

Brian Vita
Wed Sep 9 08:01:42 EDT 2009

> <<On Tue, 8 Sep 2009 12:28:52 -0400, Rick Kelly <>
> said:
> > I'd guess (and believe me, it's only a guess) that such information
> as
> > updates is done over FTP.  Not sure in the case of how an entire
> > format change would be handled, however.  I'm sure one of us knows!
> For a format change, big groups will often ship an entire new audio
> server and RAID array, preconfigured for the new format.  Sometimes
> corporate will send their own installers, too, so the local staff
> doesn't know which station is being flipped until the day of the
> switch.
[Brian Vita] 
I had heard that all music and production element transfers were handled
seamlessly in the background via FTP and can be done almost invisibly
without the knowledge of the local staff.  I had also heard that all of the
music elements are done this way so that a copy of any song has EXACTLY the
same timing in any market to allow them to do their (in)famous "call when
you hear this song" local/national contests in sync with multiple markets.

This, of course, begs the question as to how they are circumventing the
RIAA/DMCA.  A single copy of a CD goes to CC corporate, gets ripped and a
zillion copies are uploaded to all of their "in-format" stations.  Sounds
like piracy to me.  C'mon.  Let' the RIAA go after them!  


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