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Sounds as if they resurrected some old tapes from the Mega days,
Somebody will tell us how many years old those tapes have to be (at a
minimum). The correct legal ID is WLLH Lowell AND Lawrence. Lowell
first because it has the regular license; Lawrence second because it
is technically an experimental facility. And the AND between Lowell
and Lawrence is necessary because, unlike most stations that are
licensed to a single community but append the names of additional
communities in their listening area to the end of their legal IDs and
are NOT supposed to interpose the AND, WLLH is licensed to BOTH Lowell
AND Lawrence and requires the AND to signify that it has two licenses.
As far as I can tell, the FCC has these bizarrely arcane rules to
ensure that only the most complete and unreconstructed radio geeks
understand what sound to everyone else like totally meaningless
differences among the various ways of IDing radio stations. Some of
these rules may not even be written down!

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>I heard their ID at 5:00 on my way home.
> "1400.....WLLH.....Lawrence......Lowell.....La Mega"
> Yep, Lawrence mentioned first.  When I used to listen to them, it
> was always
> Lowell first.
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> Huh?
> I'm sure this message will get sent out 6 hours later, and 4 others
> will
> reply
> with the same info because of that, but just in case not.
> WLLH is currently licensed to Lowell under license BL-20010508ABC.
>>From what I see the Lawrence experimental authority for WLLH
>>Lawrence is
> also still active.
> (BREX-201)
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>>Lowell is no longer licensed.  COL was changed on the FCC ULS to
>>reflect Lawrence last year.
>>Didn't the Lawrence authorization actually run out either before or
>>MEGA owned the station?

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