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McMahon's W problem resurfaced shortly after he joined WBUR--not quite
as severe as at WBZ but still quite noticeable. Adds a little drama to
every ID: Is he going to make it through this one? (And if he doesn't
make it, what will it sound like?) I'm sure that he more than once
must have thought of trying to get a job west of the Mississippi.
OTOH, which would be worse--being a meteorologist who couldn't
prnounce meteorologist or a radio announcer east of the Mississippi,
who couldn't pronounce W?

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>In addition to troubles saying "meteorolist"  one of the ACCU-WEATHER
>guys can't
properly pronounce "WBZ" - but swallows part of it, so it
comes out "Dub-U B Z"   The latter has been ongoing for a long time.
Bob McMahon seemingly had that problem when he worked at WBZ.  He was
laid-off from WBZ and resurfaced for a while at WBUR, which he was
able to pronounce.
I don't think I've heard his voice lately.

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