Lightning Fast Format Changes And Back Again

Sun Oct 25 10:16:39 EDT 2009

But one of the Accu-Weather meteorologists, <Something> Bowers, IIRC,
embarassingly for him, is apparently unable to pronounce the word
meteorologist. He always said meteorolist, leaving out that one pesky
syllable that, I presume, tripped him up. IMO, that omission or
mispronunciation made him stand out as both ridiculous and not
credible. So perhaps this change was made to accommodate Mr Bowers'
unique disability. I'm not joking. He might have sued under the
Americans with Disabilities Act, and what you're hearing could be the
resolution of the legal case.

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> Roger
> it's possible that not all AccuWeather broadcasters are
> meteorologists.  and it could be that not all WBZ staffers are aware
> of who is or isn't.
> i recall asking that of one my TV weather buddies - why so&so was
> "meteorologist" yet others were just "name."  he said that others
> are not
> necessarily meteorologists, and therefore can't be called such.
> - - Chuck Igo
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>> WBZ on Saturday between 11:00 am & 4:00 pm.  Around Noon, the
>> Accu-Weather guys had changed to closing their cast with "I'm
>> Accu-Weather's <insert name here> for WBZ..."
>> Yet BZ announcers were still saying "Here's Accu-Weather
>> Meteorolgist
>> <insert name here>"
>> By 4:00 pm. the Accu-Weather guys were back to closing with "I'm
>> Accu-Weather Meteorologist <insert name here> for WBZ..."
>> Is it possible that those who have a hard time pronouncing
>> 'Meteorologist' are allowed to drop it?

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