quick turntable question

Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Tue Oct 20 17:20:34 EDT 2009

<<On Tue, 20 Oct 2009 09:57:49 -0400, Cohasset / Hippisley <cohasset@frontiernet.net> said:

> one (a Teac) as a holiday gift a couple of years ago.  The audio from  
> the turntable source is awful, and quite tinny.  My suspicion is that  
> Teac engineers "forgot" to put in the RIAA playback equalization  
> circuitry!

In theory, there's a bit you can set in a Red Book CD that says "this
track has preemphasis".  I don't know if any players actually
implement it, or if it's even specified to be compatible with RIAA
preemphasis (75 microsecond?).  There's also a "this track has
four-channel sound" bit which I've never heard of being used.


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