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Cohasset / Hippisley cohasset@frontiernet.net
Mon Oct 19 19:56:02 EDT 2009

Back in June, I was at MIT for a brunch celebrating the 100th  
anniversary of the MIT [Amateur] Radio Society, originally 1XM, now  
W1MX (HF) and W1XM (VHF/UHF).  Also attending was Bob Clements, K1BC.   
Bob used to be control room engineer and substitute announcer for me  
on Rock 'n Roll Memory Time (Saturdays, 3 - 5 p.m.) at WMBR (then  
WTBS) in the early 60s, so after the brunch this summer he and I  
decided a rare visit to WMBR was in order.  While there, I took a  
bunch of pix, a couple of which [first two links below] add to the  
current turntable discussion.  Bob has graciously offered to host the  
pix on his web site, and has added one from his own collection [third  
link].  Finally, I've added a photo that was used by Technique, the  
MIT Yearbook, as the lead-in to the extracurricular activities section  
of the '62 yearbook.  Notice the Ampex 350 on the right-hand side.   
There were at least two more of those in the racks in Master Control  
at the time.

BTW, the Master Control console in the photographs was designed and  
built by the WTBS team of Nick Pryor, Ralph Zaorski, Chuck Martin, and  
Bud Hippisley as part of the move of WTBS from the basement of Ware  
dormitory ("You're listening to WTBS, coming to you from under  
Ware...") to the basement of dining hall Walker Memorial, about 100  
yards away.  Even though our programming was monaural, the console had  
stereo main + cue channels because we had to split our programming  
during "commercial" breaks, running PSAs and station programming  
promos on the non-commercial FM channel while playing the ubiquitous  
cigarette commercial transcription discs on the 640 kHz AM campus  
carrier current side.  Probably the "fun-est" place to be on a Friday  
or Saturday night was standing at the rear of Master Control, watching  
the engineer on duty cueing up turntables and throwing console  
switches like crazy!

Epilogue:  In September, Bob stopped in at WMBR to give them a copy of  
my June photos.  When he delivered the picture CD to them, the TTs in  
Master Control were in use (!), on the mid-day show "Lost and Found".

Bud Hippisley
Old Forge, NY

June 2009 picture of WMBR Master Control, showing two TTs:


June 2009 picture of WMBR Control B, showing three TTs (and K1BC "now"):


Circa 1963 picture of WTBS Master Control and K1BC ("then"), later  
used on a WMBR T-shirt:


Circa 1961 picture of WTBS Control B, showing Bob (foreground), with  
me (background, doing my best to look like a cross between Buddy Holly  
and Clark Howard) in the Announce Booth, hosting RnRMT.



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