quick turntable question WOTW

Matt S. audiskman@yahoo.com
Sun Oct 18 22:24:46 EDT 2009

To confirm since I was there at WOTW from 1980-82..they were Russco Turntables installed new around 1978 when Bob Cohen and Mike Siegal took over the station as interim operators after Eastminster Broadcasting lost the license. 

Russco's were made in Fresno California. The tone arms were made of laminated wood and were made by Microtrak based in the Springfield Mass. area. Anything else you need to know..:)  The cartridges were Stanton 500's I forget what the preamps were as they were hidden under the counter but they were new as well replacing some old tube units. The console was still the Altec 250_U which was really a recording console modified for broadcast use..sounded great when the tubes were kept fresh..we would still use the tube tester at Radio Shack at the Nashua Mall and buy replacements there. Does anyone at Radio Shack now even know what tubes were? Cart machines were new ITC triple deckers bought in 1980 and the processing was a used Dorrough DAP 310 that came from WHUE-FM.  Since every couple years a thread begins on this topic.....yes we were in mono but had a stereo generator keeping the pilot on. Later we experimented with an Orban stereo synthesizer. 


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