quick turntable question

Paul Norton paul.norton@gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 16:50:51 EDT 2009

Sid Schweiger wrote:
> "What happened to the great vinyl resurgence that was supposedly being 
> embraced by this generation?"
> For that resurgence to occur, two things are necessary: turntables and something to play on them.  The latter don't exist, outside of a few specialty shops that go out of their way to stock them.

I'm 27 and I only buy vinyl.  Have since I was 13.  I'm seeing more and 
more bands (both popular and underground) releasing vinyl these days. 
Even a lot of older releases (60's and 70s) are seeing remastered 
versions released on vinyl. While most shops don't carry them, you can 
purchase them all online (where I would imagine most music is purchased 
these days).


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