quick turntable question

SteveOrdinetz hykker@wildblue.net
Sat Oct 17 20:35:45 EDT 2009

  Sid Schweiger wrote:
>"Put them in a college radio station."
>Why?  The well-equipped college stations use PC-based automation, 
>and the poorly equipped ones have a 3.5mm pigtail coming out of the 
>board for the students to hook up their laptops or MP3 
>players.  Turntables are as irrelevant today as cart machines.

What happened to the great vinyl resurgence that was supposedly being 
embraced by this generation?

>Besides, the QRKs we're discussing in this thread (huge heavy 
>platter driven by a rubber idler wheel), if firmly mounted on a 
>solid base, produced so much rumble during playback that most 
>stations stopped using them at least 30 years ago.

And this was before the rubber motor mounts got dry-rotted & the 
motor just kind of hung there creating even more rumble.

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