Boch on WRKO: Blogger "is not me"

Bob Nelson
Fri Oct 2 16:26:36 EDT 2009

Ernie Boch Jr just appeared on Howie Carr's show. A blogger on Blue Mass Group is calling for a boycott of Howie Carr's
sponsors, for various reasons. This blogger uses the name Ernie Boch III and Ernie Boch Jr said "it's not me"
and said that the blogger has said various things online, using that name...but Boch got a call from fellow
Carr advertiser Bob Sheridan saying, "Ernie why did you write this?" Boch said "it's not me..."

Carr's column this morning said actually he wouldn't mind being able to leave WRKO, so go ahead, make his day
(referring to his attempt to flee two years ago). Now Boch Jr. is on air telling Howie that no, that wasn't him
urging advertisers to pull spots from WRKO, and George Regan had suggested hiring a private investigator to find
out who the impostor is. Boch said better yet he'd offer $2,000 to whomever could track down the impostor (and they
think it may be "someone at the state house"

Boston, a city that thrives on politics and revenge...

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