WRKO multiple audio signals

thomas heathwood heritageradio@msn.com
Thu Oct 1 22:11:38 EDT 2009

Multple audio inputs are heard nightly at different times between 11:45PM and 5"00AM every night on WRKO.  Apparently management doesn't care if the automation works or not.  Sometimes there are total lapses of anything for minutes at a time.   Maybe Sid can let the AM folks know.  Doesn't anyone in engineering listen to the air product at night?       Tom Heathwood    10/2
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  Tonight I noticed WRKO had two things on at once just before 2 am: Coast to Coast (along with Fox News,
  a promo for Finneran, etc.) and what sounded like ESPN Radio. It wasn't a distant station coming in
  (ESPN 680 in Memphis comes to mind) and mixing with them; no, they both sounded like WRKO. By 2:05 am,
  it sounded like the ESPN was quickly faded down and it was back to _only_ Coast to Coast (WEEI in
  the meantime was running their usual Fox Sports Radio).

  I wonder if they were testing a feed from ESPN and could run some overnight or weekend shows or
  certainly the (non-Red Sox) baseball playoffs on WRKO? At least the "two feeds at once" was solved.

  Also the Herald reported that an "Ernie Boch III" has been posting on the Blue Mass Group blog and
  trying to get advertisers to stop buying spots on the Howie Carr show. The only trouble: There is
  no Ernie Boch III, and Ernie Boch Jr. is none too happy about the imposter. He says that he is
  actually a big supporter of Howie Carr and that when his family owned WXTK, they were the first
  to syndicate Howie.


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