WNYC annouces what the new WQXR will be

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>WNYC has announced their plans for WQXR when the station moves to
>their new home next week.

>I suspect this will be a blueprint for WCRB when GBH takes over

Don't bet on it.  I just perused the playlists of programs hosted by 
Cathy Fuller and Brian McCreath for this week so far.  Highly eclectic
(it even included Grofe's "Grand Canyon Suite".  If that doesn't ring a bell, 
some of you may remember the days when cigarettes were advertised on radio and TV.
Philip Morris frequently utilized a young man in a bellhop's costume who
yelled "Call for Phi-il-ip Moar-arris" while a section of the "Grand Canyon
Suite" played in the background).  And remember when the guy from the-WQXR-to-be
said, "Vivaldi ok, just no vocal music"?  WGBH so far this week has played only
one Vivaldi composition...the "Gloria" for vocalists, chorus and orchestra.

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