Mon Nov 30 21:21:14 EST 2009

I doubt whether the PSRA allows this. I'd bet on someone at the
station deciding that, if the PSRA allows 125W at 6:00AM in January,
when sunrise is at 7:30,  it should therefore allow us to run the same
power ay 4:30AM in a month when official local sunrise is at 6:00AM.
Sure; that's what it must mean; if we get caught, I'll say that the
language was unclear. Until you get caught, that's called creativity.
Afterwards, depending on how many times you were caught doing it, it's
called "just pay the fine."

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> Hi, Paul...WCCC AM has not aired Imus before.  In fact, when Imus
> was on WFAN, Connecticut stations were not allowed to carry his
> program.
> WCCC AM has a PSSA that allows for full power at 6 AM and 25% or so
> at 4:30 AM and  I'm pretty sure that for the hours of Imus' program,
> WCCC AM is at its full power.
> Alan

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