Alan Tolz
Mon Nov 30 18:12:50 EST 2009

Hi, Paul...WCCC AM has not aired Imus before.  In fact, when Imus was on 
WFAN, Connecticut stations were not allowed to carry his program.

WCCC AM has a PSSA that allows for full power at 6 AM and 25% or so at 4:30 
AM and  I'm pretty sure that for the hours of Imus' program, WCCC AM is at 
its full power.

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>I wonder why WCCC-AM is adding IMUS again. They had him for awhile, even
> after 1290 went classical and dropped him, now are adding him back.
> Why put him on a Classical music AM station that no one more then 2 or 3
> miles away can hear before sunrise?
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> Paul B. Walker, Jr.

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