Globe: WGBH-TV on the radio, Rooney/Crossley talk show etc

Sean Smyth
Sat Nov 28 13:40:48 EST 2009

On Sat, 11/28/09, Donna Halper <> wrote:
> At 03:56 AM 11/28/2009, Sean Smyth
> wrote:
> > Johnny Diaz makes Susan Bicklehaupt look like a
> Pulitzer winner. He has little grasp of media, specifically
> radio, and it comes through in his writing time and again.
> He's young, he's new at this (he wasn't trained to report
> on radio), and although we talked for about 40 minutes, I am
> not sure he fully got the distinctions.  In fairness to
> him, he was restricted to 800 words.  But on the other
> hand, I miss Dean Johnson, who truly got what radio was
> about and dedicated his reporting to it.  Today, most
> newspapers treat radio as an afterthought and don't even try
> to understand what is unique about it.  

I just see no effort, similar mistakes repeated time and again, no concern for even getting call letters correct -- that's something a copy editor doesn't change willy-nilly. You're a reporter, you should ask and verify all this, but it seems like he doesn't even put in an effort. And we're not just talking about radio, we're talking about his coverage of media overall.


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