Directional ex-Class IA AMs
Wed Nov 25 09:10:13 EST 2009

How long were the WJZ calls mothballed before Westinghouse reclaimed 
them for Channel 13 in Baltimore?   -Doug

Quoting "A. Joseph Ross" <>:
> On 24 Nov 2009 at 7:54, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> > Yes, but better to say 660 became WNBC and 880 became WCBS in November
> > 1946, because nearly everybody who sees WABC immediately thinks of
> > 770, which did not switch its calls from WJZ to WABC until several
> > years after 880 gave up the WABC calls. What confusion there would
> > have been if there had been a three-way call sign change in New York
> > on the same day in November 1946! But this does bring up the question
> > of what became of the WABC calls after 880 gave them up. I wonder
> > whether anyone had yet thought of "warehousing" calls back in the
> > 1940s. I suspect somebody had already done that, although I know of no
> > examples. Was it pure luck that the WABC call sign was unused after
> > the Blue Network changed its name to ABC and wanted the WABC calls for
> > its New York City O&O? Or had somebody taken the calls, requiring the
> > newly renamed network to pay them off in order to transfer them to 770
> > in New York? And if the WABC calls were in use when ABC Inc wanted
> > them for 770 in New York, who had the calls at that time? The answers
> > to those questions might make some great radio trivia. 
> Indeed it would. 
> The oldest example of warehousing call letters that I know of is when
> WNBC became WRCA, and the WNBC calls were put on channel 30 in
> Connecticut.  I assume that was an attempt to warehouse the calls. 
> And another bit of radio/TV trivia would be why RCA/NBC decided to
> change WNBC to WRCA and its Los Angeles station to KRCA.  And then
> why the decided to change back.  Anyone know anything they can share?
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