ABC call signs and batteries

Paul Hopfgarten
Wed Nov 25 04:29:43 EST 2009

Well, NBC could be "New Brookline Classrooms" as a pro-new school 

But only the HS Xylophone dept could use FOX as "Fund Our Xylophones"

Also, we could have a pro-increase teacher initiative "Increase Our 
(k)Nowledge" (ION).

And the anti-tax folks could have CW/Brookline "Cut Waste"....

And on cable, we could have TBS "Together (for) Brookline Schools"

Need I continue............(acronyms are us)

-Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH/Freeport ME

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> Back in the 1970s, the political organization in Brookline which
> supported funding for the schools was called ABC, which stood for "A
> Brookline Coalition."  As sometimes happens with local political
> organizations, at some point it petered out.  A few years later,
> school supporters got together to form a new group.  They called it
> Coalition for Brookline Schools, or CBS.  I asked at a meeting of
> Brookline Pax whether the next education coalition would be called
> NBC or FOX.
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