Paul Anderson paulranderson@charter.net
Mon Nov 23 15:57:55 EST 2009

On Nov 21, 2009, at 9:44 PM, Bill Dillane wrote:

> It was about this time 40 years ago that I-84 was completed to connect
> Hartford to points west.  The recently demolished Channel 30 building in
> West Hartford was on a main road until I-84 construction eliminated the
> road.

The road is/was New Britain Avenue.  But before I-84 was built, it was US Route 6.  The entrance to WVIT today is on Ridgewood Road, but I wouldn't be surprised if the entrance was on New Britain Avenue then.  I've seen an old picture of the building and there's a big lawn in front that was taken for I-84.

At that time, US 6 went east from Colt Highway in Farmington but instead of joining I-84, travelled along South Road to New Britain Avenue, where West Farms Mall is today.  (If you travel this road now, it's hard to believe it was ever part of US 6.  It looks very suburban, and too narrow to carry such an important road.)  It continued along New Britain Avenue into Hartford but I don't know what path it took through Hartford.  I think it eventually wound up on Silver Lane in East Hartford.


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