UHF in Southern New England (was WHNB/WVIT Channel 30 (was Re:WTAG-TV?))

Rick Kelly rickkelly@gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 09:07:24 EST 2009

On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 11:02 PM, Dan.Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:

> Thirteen's Bald Mtn site (originally built for 35) is east of most
> of the population in the market (ideal for 10, which was short-spaced to
> Providence), Ten's Helderberg site is south of most of the market population
> and is short spaced to WNET.

Actually, Thirteen/Albany/Bald Mtn is short spaced to WNET/Thrteen
NYC.  WTEN/Albany/10 is short spaced to Providence.  As a kid, I had
always heard that 13/Albany could not have done a Helderberg location,
due the situation with 13/NYC.

-Rick Kelly

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