Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Fri Nov 20 01:35:51 EST 2009

Larry Weil wrote:
> At 12:07 AM -0500 11/20/09, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>>  It may also be why there is I-
>> 91 along the Connecticut River, but no similar north-south road in
>> Worcester County.
> I-395/I-290/I-190 runs from the CT border to Leominister, so it's sorta 
> the same thing, just doesn't go as far north.

It's more or less the routing of the old New England Route 12...and yes, 
most of it was a very late addition to the Interstate system.

(I was incorrect earlier, by the way, in attributing MA 14/CT 14 to the 
old New England routes. Those numbers came along later. But other Mass. 
routes, including 28, do trace their history all the way back to the old 
New England routes.)


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