The new WGBH lineup

Wed Nov 18 13:57:07 EST 2009

Moreover, the members of the largely affluent classical audience may
well have more discretionary income, on average, as retrees than they
had when they were regularly employed. And don't forget the bequests
via wills and trusts. Not a good time to incur the wrath of well-to-do
octogenarians who had been planning million-dollar gifts to your
station when they depart this mortal coil.

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> At 12:14 PM 11/18/2009, Bob Nelson wrote:
>>If the study is accurate, WGBH must be feeling that the money is in
>>slightly younger people than the older, more likely to
>>be retired folks.
> Yea, basing a station's programming on a single study is surely the
> way to go (not!).  Look at what happened when WUMB tried just that.
> Larry Weil
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