The new WGBH lineup

Wed Nov 18 11:52:02 EST 2009

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>   ...bring back Chris Lydon!
Good host--if you are into his pompous presentation. But from what
I've heard, not a very good person. The way I heard it, he took U Mass
Lowell for a very expensive ride a few years back and delivered just
about nothing at all. Now, l'affair WBUR preceded l'affair WUML (and,
I believe, followed by a number of years l'affair WGBH-TV).
Nevertheless, even though I was never a great fan of Jane Christo,
Lydon apparently met his match in her--and got what he deserved (a
fully escorted trip to the parking lot and a heads up about not
letting the door hit him in the back). Any station that wants him as
talent had better be fully aware of his history and management should
conduct itself accordingly. He apparently can be very charming, but
don't let the charm lull you into dropping your guard.

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