[B-R-I] Re: WHDH-DT Ch 7 Turn Off

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sun Nov 15 20:08:36 EST 2009

Well, I tried removing the AC power from the TV, waiting a short
while, and plugging the TV back into AC. That made the set "think"
that it was being used for the first time--the setup menu was on the
screen when the video appeared. BUT rescanning did not do away with
the two non-functional RF 7 selections. So maybe any RF channels that
have ever been found to be active remain active until you manually
delete them. I tried manually editing the channel list and a got a
fair way into the process, but I clearly need help in accessing
everything I need to be able to access. I will have to see whether I
can figure out from the manual how to access all of the selections
that you apparently must access to delete a channel. Many of the
editing controls are intuitive, but others are not--at least to me.
Also, the menu does not make clear which of the 7.1's is on RF 7 and
which is on RF 42. Same for the two 7.2's. I wonder whether the first
of each in the channel menu really is the one on the lower-numbered RF
channel. I also wonder whether, if I delete the wrong 7.1 or 7.2, I
will be able to get it back. For now, the path of least resistance is
to live with the non-functional channels and, after entering a channel
number on the remote's keypad, to use the arrow keys when necessary to
complete the selection. Maybe Panasonic's engineers did the best they
could with the keys available on the remote but my Insignia ATSC to
NTSC converter box seems a lot more straightforward. OTOH, I haven't
yet tried to eliminate the duplicate 7s from its setup--in fact, I
haven't looked to see whether it still accesses duplicate 7s.

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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On my box, once a channel is found it remains found unless you
manually delete it.  That is, unless you do a complete new scan as if
it were a new unit.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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