WGIR vs WHEB Question

Paul B. Walker, Jr. walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 07:53:58 EST 2009

A friend of mine on Facebook posed this question regarding WHEB-FM vs WGIR
One has to ask: why, in concord nh does wheb come in clear at 45 miles away
and wgir at 15 miles doesnt...both at 50k watts
It is very consistent.. every day same stretch. The strange part is WGIR's
towers are a staight shot down the interstate, not topographic barriers,
heck, you can virtually see the towers from Concord (the towers are actually
in Hooksett, not Manchesters, I presume they are using a microwave signal
from the studio to the tower) The whole area is a valley on the river, but
elevation is consistent.

I've only been commuting this route for about 6 weeks... and that entire
time its been like that.. .I assume it's always been like that.

I figured I'd ask here, I'm sure someone who is familiar with the area would
have an answer. Is there some kind of terrain shielding or some form of
terrestrial interference? (transltor or some kind of itnerference from
another Fm signal?

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

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