WHDH w/Message Slide...No, Now Blank Screen! (Was: TV viewers ...)

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>At 4:10 PM +0000 11/10/09, Kaimbridge M. GoldChild wrote: 
>Would they pull the plug this soon or are they just trying 
>to tie in 7.2 to the advisory? 
>Anyone know the exact time (and date, if not today) they are 
>shutting it down? 
>Hey, I work there. and even I don't know. I'm on the night shift this week, so I don't get to see too many people, but I'll ask some questions if I can and get back here if I get any info. 
>-- Larry Weil 
>WHDH/WLVI Master Control 

I don't know how many of you visit www.universalhub.com every day, but it's one of my favorite non-radio
websites.  Actually,  it's not unusual for the subject matter on any given day to be concerned with all
the matters that are discussed here.  Personalities at radio and TV stations, format changes, etc.
Well, today (Tuesday, November 10th) the travails of people trying to watch WHDH-DT became an issue.
If you decide to click on the site, be aware that MANY people are posting to it all day long...you may have 
to scroll down or go to page 2 or 3 to view this item.

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