Digital TV

Sun Nov 8 21:47:03 EST 2009

I'm in Worcester, between Indian Hill and Green Hill (so, a rather low part
of a valley), and with a Channel Master 4228-HD UHF 8-Bay antenna, I get
everything from Boston (2, 4, 5, 7, 25, 38, 44, 56); as well as a few from
Providence (12, 64), and a mix of others that I'm unsure of exact locations
right now. One poster mentioned that TV is not a necessity of life, which is
the whole reason why I dumped cable to begin with. I wasn't happy: with the
programming (other than what comes from the Boston affiliates), with the
service from Charter, or with the price I was paying. I do not regret making
the change one bit. DTV is great where I am, and free HD? Can't beat that!
Do others have the same results? No. I'm sure where some of you had
"perfect" reception with analog, others had poor reception. Not everyone is
going to be in a prime location, and there are tools to help gain that
signal as best as possible.

- Joe

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Isn't this why WMTW moved off Mt. Washington - concern that if they ran a
full digital signal from up there the signal would miss Portland altogether?

I too find I have to fiddle with the antenna to get Fox 25 and can't get 56
or 38 at all out in Holliston. Why wouldn't 56 come in if 7 comes in on both
7 and 42 and they're on the same tower?


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