Digital TV

Mike Fitzpatrick
Mon Nov 9 14:48:44 EST 2009

>I know that, as someone who works in television, this may not be the
>most comfortable thought for you, but maybe they have figured out that
>*television is not a necessity of life*!

Unless you receive your paycheck from it, then it isn't. =) ( I say that
tongue in cheek)

A couple of notes which I have not seen address on this thread.

1) WHDH is staying at 42. They received the CP and Have filed for the
license to cover on 42. Once the LTC is granted, then their authority to
operate on 7 ceases, as I understand it.

2) WSBK, while operating from the same tower as GBH/BZ/CVB/GBX/YDN, and
using the same antenna as BZ/CVB/GBX., but as significantly lower power. (BZ
runs 825kW, CVB runs 625kW, GBX runs 500kW., WSBK runs 130kW). This is due
to short spacings to 39 in New Haven, CT. In order for there to be more
power, 39 would have to go directional.
(Note: WGBH-DT runs 700kW from the "lower half" of the Stacked DTV master
antenna, WYDN-DT runs 50kW from a side mount below the old VHF panels)

3) WBZ, I used to suffer the same issue here in Rhode Island with WBZ, where
I couldn't receive them, but could receive 2,4,5,7,25,56 without any issues.

I found by shutting the pre-amp I use OFF, WBZ would come in gangbusters.
(only 5 and 25 can come in without a pre-amp here). So if you're trying for
WBZ, try it without any pre-amplification.

On next week's This Old House Hour on WGBH/WGBX, on the "Ask This Old House"
segment, they are going to do something to help a guy with poor DTV
reception. Should be interesting to watch. (The shot of the guy's set had
WCVB-DT coming in and out)

--Mike Fitzpatrick
Providence, RI.

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