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Sun Nov 8 19:55:26 EST 2009

I live in Arlington Heights near Route 2 and Lexington. Less than a
mile west of the top of Belmont Hill. 2, 4, 5, 38, and 44 are all on
the same tower and some of them, I believe, are actually muliplexed
onto the same antenna on the same tower. Not only does reception vary
unpredictably over time (sometimes no audio dropouts/pixellation for
several weeks at a time, then without warning, reception problems for
weeks at a time), but it can vary A LOT from station to station.
Generally, I have problems with 38 even when the others are good, but
sometimes even 38 is OK--and can stay OK for days at a time.
Unamplified indoor antenna, first floor. Maybe the most recent tuners
are better. The set is less than 18 months old and Panasonic had only
just introduced it maybe three of four months before I purchased it.

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> Isn't this why WMTW moved off Mt. Washington - concern that if they
> ran a full digital signal from up there the signal would miss
> Portland altogether?
> I too find I have to fiddle with the antenna to get Fox 25 and can't
> get 56 or 38 at all out in Holliston. Why wouldn't 56 come in if 7
> comes in on both 7 and 42 and they're on the same tower?

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