Digital TV

David Moisan
Sun Nov 8 18:33:12 EST 2009

The bottom line is if someone like myself is having trouble getting a
signal I really have to wonder how poor and elderly folks are coping.

With all the digital signals in Chicago I should be able to get more
than one DTV signal!!!!!!

WHDH-TV is staying with its UHF signal.  One point that has been made in the trade mags (TV Technology or Broadcast Engineering, forget which) is that many tuners may be susceptible to interference with certain combinations of RF channels, like in Boston, channel 21-30-42, for example.  There are people who can't get signals despite being able to *see* the tower from the window.

As with analog broadcasting, it is seldom tuner sensitivity that prevents reception, but multipath, which is brutal in digital since you can't see its true effect without a spectrum analyzer and it will just make a no signal at the TV with no idea why.

I do get more digital signals than analog (where I only got WHDH) at my apartment in Salem.  But no Fox 25, 38 or 56, and no WBZ unless I turn the antenna the other way.
I've been told the very newest tuners coming out are somewhat better at multipath prevention.

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