Digital TV

Scott Fybush
Sun Nov 8 18:16:31 EST 2009

Kevin Vahey wrote:
> The bottom line is if someone like myself is having trouble getting a
> signal I really have to wonder how poor and elderly folks are coping.
> With all the digital signals in Chicago I should be able to get more
> than one DTV signal!!!!!!
> I have tried to help friends in the city and nobody can get WBBM-DT
> and WLS-DT is also hit or miss.

For whatever it's worth, my Chicago DTV experience has been quite good 
so far. In the last year or so, I've tried from several locations around 
the city, including Ohio & Grand (June '09) and out in Oak Brook (June 
'08), and with the exception of WBBM-DT (then on 3) from Oak Brook, 
reception with an indoor antenna (the RIGHT indoor antenna - an 
unamplified Silver Sensor) has been flawless.

This has not been the case in other markets. Downtown LA this past 
August was a disaster, for instance.


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