WGBH cancels blues, some folk programming

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Sat Nov 7 11:14:41 EST 2009

Dan wrote:

>>it sounds as if, in its
race to cater to the people who contribute the most, WGBH is
alienating significant groups of listeners. Public radio seems to be
adopting the same model as commercial radio, where some formats are
available on three or four signals in a market and others, if they are
heard at all on terrestrial signals, are only on HD-n subchannels

True, and evidently they feel they can still fund their programming
even though more than a few listeners will be disappointed by this move.
There are blues and folk shows on other stations, often not as powerful
(my 130 watt WMWM for example) and yes if you get an HD radio you can
find "Radio Mojo" on a WZLX HD signal. Satellite radio (XM, which I have)
has a folk station (Folk Village) and a blues one (B.B. King's Bluesville).
How many people want to pay for an HD radio, or pay every month for satellite?

And yes, wifi radio is coming...to select cars.

Radio Mojo has no DJs (song titles/artists probably are displayed on the
radio and also on their website) and the folk/blues channels on XM/Sirius
are not local. You won't have a DJ playing a blues artist then adding,
"They will be performing at The C Note in Hull this Sunday".

Cost-cutting also led to the demise of Blues On Sunday on WBOS awhile back.
The host, Holly Harris, had frequently filled in for Mai Cramer on WGBH
(the other 2 DJs on my blues show had worked on Mai's show, and our
former DJ Josh Hull I believe had filled in for Mai).

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