Boston PPMs

Fri May 22 17:25:20 EDT 2009

Bob Bittner reported at that he, quite intentionally,
did not install the PPM emcoding equipment. So, as I understand it,
WJIB will no longer appear in the Arbitron reports at all. Not only
does Bob not need the ratings because he sells no advertising but it
seems as though he could shoot himself in the foot big-time if he
installed the equipment. Since the new scheme that has been proposed
for determining performance royalties is likely to be based on how
many people listen to the station (as reported by Arbitron), he could
get whacked with very high performance royalty fees if WJIB were rated
and continued to garner larger and larger audiences, as it has been
doing for several years. Without the encoding equipment, though, it
seems as though he can't suffer that fate.

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> WJIB fell off the face of the earth in that book
> WBCN could be at the end of the road now
> WBUR did very well however
> This chart seems easier to read
> and Jessica in the Herald tries to sort out what it all means

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