Boston PPMs

Paul Hopfgarten
Thu May 21 23:56:59 EDT 2009

Does this mean perennial loser WBOS guessed RIGHT when it switched formats 
in advance of PPMs? (3.6 is pretty high for them, and they lead BCN, AAF & 
FNX for the "Alternative" format, though AAF is not 'technically' in the 
format due to their greater mix of classic Rock in the mix)

-Paul H
-Derry NH
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Subject: Boston PPMs

The latest Portabello People Meter Readings for the Boston ADI are in;  not 
looking good
for WTKK, formerly known as "Boston's fastest growing radio station":

ERRATUM:  WSHK-FM 105.3 in the Seacoast Region of NH is listed as WSHK-AM

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