WMFP legal ID

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Thu May 21 12:28:57 EDT 2009

Maureen Carney wrote:
> I was finally able to get WMFP in OTA last night (had to put the
> antenna flat on the bed!) On 62.1 the legal ID says WMFP channel 62
> and WMFP-DT channel 18. The legal on 62.2 is WMFP 18.1 (with the RTN
> logo on the bottom left of the screen). I'm suprised that they use
> their actual and not virtual channel, and have the wrong subchannel #
> listed.

I'm pretty sure that the IDs for all the RTN stations are generated by 
RTN itself and not done by the individual affiliates. Someone probably 
sent RTN bad information.

(In Fort Wayne, where my in-laws live, there's a CW subchannel on one of 
the local stations, WPTA-DT 21.1. Its ID proudly proclaims it to be "CW 
19/7." 19 is the channel number on the local Comcast system, which makes 
sense...7 is the cable channel it occupies on one random system out in 
the boonies 35 miles away, which makes no sense at all! I asked once 
about it and was told, "They just send us that ID. We had nothing to do 
with it.")


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