student of mine needs a job

Donna Halper
Tue May 19 21:39:01 EDT 2009

If any of you from anywhere in Massachusetts or 
Southern NH can help me out on this, I'd be 
grateful.  A student of mine (actually, former 
student-- she just graduated with honors) is 
seeking an entry-level job that's involved with 
sports.  She's a championship athlete (softball) 
and has done some coaching.  She ultimately wants 
to work in sports management or promotion/ event 
planning.  She's a working class kid with a 
can-do attitude, and she really really needs a 
job.  As I said, her hope is that the job would 
put her in contact with sports in some way (any 
sport, pro or amateur, major or minor league, 
men's or women's-- she just loves sports).  She 
isn't seeking on-air, and is very happy to work 
behind the scenes to get experience.  Full or 
part-time, just to get that first break. Anyone 
with a suggestion, contact me off-list and I'll send you her resumé.  

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