Possible WHEE Locations

Aaron Read friedbagels@gmail.com
Tue May 19 12:10:44 EDT 2009

For reference, the former Hotel Shelton is the current Shelton Hall 
dormitory for Boston University, located at 91 Bay State Road.  (and 
where yours truly lived for three years!)  It is quite literally one 
block away from Myles Standish Hall, also a BU dorm and, for many years, 
was the home of WTBU, the campus-only student radio station.  That one 
block can seem mighty long depending on the time of year, depth of the 
snow and how much vinyl/CD's you're carrying...lemme tell ya!

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Actually, based on looking at old issues of Radio Annual and
Broadcasting Yearbooks, it seems that WBMS moved only for a brief
period of time -- when they changed format away from beautiful music
to pop and took the call letters of WHEE in May 1951; at that time,
they listed an address of 35 Court Street.  However, by the summer of
1952, the WHEE experiment ended, WBMS returned, and so did the studio
location at the Hotel Shelton, which was not far from the Myles
Standish, in the area near Boston University.  That location did not
change till 1956.

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