Ken Malden dies

Doug Drown
Fri May 15 11:12:20 EDT 2009

I'm not Donna, and as a radio historian I'm a mighty poor substitute, but 
for now . . . the 1260 spot occupied by WVDA was originally that of WNAC, 
which moved to 680 (which in turn was originally WLAW in Lawrence).  WVDA 
later became WEZE, around 1957.  Donna can, and I'm sure will, tell us more.


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> At 06:27 AM 5/15/2009, Bud Torchia wrote:
>>Donna .... was WVDA original calls??  Where did the station go from VDA?
> WVDA stood for the new owner, Vic Diehm Associates; Vic was a Pennsylvania 
> station owner who bought it circa 1953 -- he later became president of 
> Mutual Broadcasting.  More about the station's history and short life 
> later-- I'm off to a meeting! 

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