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I'm pretty sure that WBMS 1090 took--and then abandoned--the WHEE
calls shortly before I arrived on Boston (May '56). WBMS was at one
point a classical music station, but it could not always have been so
because it was the legendary Boston home of Symphony Sid Torin, who
definitely didn't play symphonic music (at least when he identified
himself as Symphony Sid). I'm sure that Donna can answer this: Did
WBMS have an ecelctic format in which they played classical music in
some day parts and jazz in others? If so, did Sid Torin work both
formats? If so, did he derive the Symphony Sid nickname from the fact
that, in some parts of the same days in which he played jazz, he also
announced symphonies?

As for 1090's format when it had the WHEE calls, I can't help there,
but I think it's a pretty good bet that classical music had
disappeared from the station when it was known as WHEE.

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> The obit for Ken Malden published in the Maimi Herald
> last?week?contains a photo of him seated at a WHEE microphone, if
> that helps at all.?? Mr. Malden worked as a sports?reporter doing
> updates at WQAM up until last year. Judging from the comments
> in?article, he was very well regarded by his peers down here?as a
> talented writer and broadcaster, in addition to being a very nice
> man.
> Chris Sullivan

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