Larry Glick

Alan Tolz
Sun Mar 29 01:06:06 EDT 2009

All of that is true, Donna.  He worked on a kibbutz in Israel during those 
years.  Steve Elman and I interviewed him for our book on Jerry Williams. 
If you give me a snail mail address, I'll be happy to send along CD's of the 
90 minute conversation for your archives.

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> At 03:04 PM 3/28/2009, Don A wrote:
>>Something that was mentioned on Steve Leveille's program the other night. 
>>Larry didn't start at WBZ until he was 41 years old (in 1964?)
>>It appears his sucess in radio was later in life.
> Well, some articles I've found in my files say he was doing other 
> things... we know he was born in Roxbury in 1922 (btw, the only Glick I 
> find on who was born in 1922 and living in Roxbury was Irving 
> Glick... do we know if Larry/Lawrence was in fact his real first name???) 
> and we know he was in the Army during WW 2.  I've found clippings that say 
> he was on the Armed Forces Radio Network in Munich Germany.  The articles 
> I found say he first did radio at WLNH in Laconia , and that in 1948 he 
> left the US to work in Israel during the first Arab-Israeli War, and he 
> was there throughout 1949 and into 1950. If those facts are true, it does 
> seem his entry into major market radio was delayed somewhat.

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