CBC announces cuts

Mike Ward mward@iname.com
Sat Mar 28 12:40:39 EDT 2009

Doug Drown wrote:

> Used to be, some years ago, that American viewers could access CBC TV 
> via satellite.  Can that still be done?  I had a friend here in Maine 
> who could even watch the TV feed from Whitehorse!    -Doug

I don't think CBC has ever been commercially offered to U.S. satellite 
subscribers.  I would suspect your friend in Maine was watching 
unencrypted C-band backhauls, back before all that stuff started being 
locked down.

The Anik satellite footprint has no trouble reaching the bulk of the U.S.

Today, there are so-called "gray market" dealers who will broker a 
Canadian address as a go between, between U.S. subscribers and one of 
the two Canadian satellite companies.  I assume this is a very popular 
option in Florida...and again, both Bell ExpressVu and StarChoice's 
signal footprints cover the bulk of the continental U.S.

Both services offer a wide variety of U.S. networks, in HD even, and I 
believe at least one of them offers feeds from the Boston network 

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